Valentine’s Dance 2012

When most of us think Valentine’s Day, we tend to think candlelit dinners, bouquets of flowers, chocolate splurges, and hours spent with the one we love…not an afternoon of waltzes and polkas with strangers!  However, this Valentine’s Day seventeen of our high school students chose to spend much of their afternoon with the residents at Augustana Mercy Health Care Center of Moose Lake dancing to old-time music, sharing stories, and serving refreshments.

For a few months now our high school students have been involved in community service outings.  We’ve found that sending students to assisted living units to spend time with the elderly residents is one of the more popular options.  These community service days have gone so well that not only have the health care centers asked the students to come back, but many of our high schoolers have begged to return!

When the Augustana staff asked our students to help with their Valentine’s Dance, it was the perfect opportunity to get our kids involved again.  Seventeen high schoolers from grades 7-12 volunteered to go, taking up their precious after-school hours to serve our community and bring smiles to the faces of many people at Augustana.  We spent a couple hours dancing with the residents, sharing stories, playing cards, and serving Valentines cupcakes, cookies, and punch…and there were smiles all around the whole time!

We’re so grateful that Augustana chose our students to help out and also for paying our transportation fee to and from the health care center.


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